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THANK YOU KINDLY IN THE SPIRIT OF MA’AT (order, balance, harmony, truth, reciprocity, propriety, righteousness).

Maat Artaymis
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My Friends, I was named MAAT by ancestor Dr. Asa Hilliard (Kemotologist). There are 42 Declarations/Concepts/Laws and 7 basic principles of Ma’at which invoke the concept of Truth, Justice, Right Order, Balance, Harmony, Reciprocity and Righteousness (propriety). Ma’at literally is the Goddess of Truth, Sacred, Natural and Cosmological Order. Ma’at solidifies a Kemetic (Kmtic) ‘Afrakan’ (Af-(physical), Ra-(creator), Ka-(life-force/soul) value system defining the unifying principle of harmony by which all creation is ordered (the sun rise, the river flow, nature’s song and the power of thought and reason). Another symbol of Ma'at is the primeval mound ( ) or stone platform representing balance or stability that was engraved since the beginning of time. Ma’at is depicted with long falcon wing feathers around her arms and the ostrich feather of truth in her headdress. Interestingly, some refer to Ma’at as “Lady of the Heavens”—where possibly the first angel derived. Ma’at enchantedly is metaphoric as a rainbow “chakra” angel (energy centers or fields connecting with a higher body that distributes life force energy throughout your physical as well as your subtle bodies.) She also carries an ankh, the key of life, and sometimes a scepter (a rod or wand as an emblem of regal or imperial power.) Personal amulets of Ma'at afforded their wearers protection from worldly injustice. Ma’at, pure of heart, was the most important deity of them all.
How gratifying it is to be a veteran of the United States Navy who learned and shared much on my journey and adventure about other beings, their culture, et cetera. Volunteering has been a great part of who I really am. What I do is in my heart and demands no charge. Community outreach, mentoring and collaboration further instilled self-determination, commitment and self mastery to overcome my own obstacles in life such as anxiety, depression, being bullied, abandonment and low self-esteem challenges—which in particular is the reason I created WOMEN HEAL “Stepping Stones to FINDING YOU”. I prevailed and have many stories to share and learn from.
My brilliant life has been very eccentric and color-full by the blessing of my experience as a salesperson, teacher, writer, animal advocate, artist, photographer, publisher, counselor, caregiver, baker, entrepreneur and a plethora of many extra-ordinary plights. I have been a member of Toastmasters International since 1993. My hobbies are reading, the arts, sight-seeing, cruises, ballroom dancing (Tango), belly dancing, jogging, listening to old school music and anything that deals with nature, education and traveling.
I am a knowledge sponge seeking fresh ideas, new perspectives in all realms of my life by replacing negations with solution planning and effective strategies, positive interventions and affirmations. I am a graduate of Southern Illinois University at Carbondale (Bachelors of Science in Education, Training and Workforce Development), Wayne County Community College (Associates of Science in Liberal Arts), PolyTech College and the S.I.P. program (Wayne State University)….ASANTE SANA.

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